Its been Awhile….

I haven’t given this blog much thought for some time. I’ve had a great deal of changes in my life, and at the time I had no followers, so I didn’t see the need for up keep or to share. ..Boy was I wrong.  I have a lot of comments to go through (more than half of which are spam).  Since I know that I’m getting traffic on the site I will be posting more soon !

Life Long Gift?!

Recently I went to an event for a good friend to support his DJing  thing.  One of his friends I hadnt seen in years was there with his Girlfriend of 3 1/2yrs. (wow) When My Friend was dont with his first set, I immediately asked how our friend had managed to settle down with one girl, and for as long as he has.

Background: This friend was a Male Whore, a wannabe Porn Star HAHA  Always macing it to someone!

Anyway My DJ friend then told me he cant leave her. HUH? In my eyes there is no such thing as “Cant”. He then went on to tell me that he gave her a gift for life…..WTF!!! That he didnt know that he had it and when she went to get checked out she was positive. OK so what gift that keeps on giving to he give to her?!?! Herpes!!

What went through my head:

  • First of all Mind Fuck! Mind Blown!
  • Second I’m sorry Whaa
  • Why is she still with him?

Which brings me to my question or questions:

  1. Could you still stay with someone who gave you a STD that is incurable?
  2. If so would you solely stay with them because they have it or because you have that connection with them/ Love them?
  3. If you left what would you do? How would you cope? I would think that there are websites out there that can help with coping and bringing other people that are infected together .

I couldn’t stay with someone unless I was head over heels going to marry this person in love .

What would you do? Whats your take?




Kick Start to a New World

I guess I never really knew how high my sex drive was and how submissive I was willing to be in the bedroom until my last relationship.

Started 2 Decembers ago, and for whatever reason I thought it would be a good idea to hold out on having sex.(thought I would try a different approach) Bwahaha It was the hardest month ever!

We were compatible in the bedroom,  I enjoy pain during sex, and being told what to do:) and he was willing to try new things, which I was ecstatic about.  It snowballed into something that I never thought, I wanted to dress up, I bought toys, Whips, Floggers, Bondage Tape, Restraints, anything that could heighten the experience for me. I suppose you can say I grew slightly addicted to the rush and excitement of it.

Unfortunately the relationship didn’t last long, in short, we were in two different places in our lives and I couldn’t see us moving forward together.  It ended in the beginning of this past October. I had never been more level headed or collective during and post breakup.  It felt amazing (liberating) because I knew I was doing the right thing for myself.